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About Us

History & Mission

In December 2009, the Board of Directors of Sunwest Bank created the Sunwest Bank Charitable Foundation, funded from the Bank's profits. The Board's goal is to contribute annually to the Foundation as the Bank's profitability allows, and for most of its grants to be made in communities served by the Bank. Additional grants will be made to organizations in other countries in conjunction with the Hovde Foundation.

The Foundation's mission is to foster a philanthropic corporate culture and to assist people in need within the Bank's communities and throughout the world. Its primary focus is caring for vulnerable children by providing for their basic needs: food, housing, healthcare, safety, and education.

Since its inception, the Foundation has made grants to domestic organizations in the Counties of Alameda, Coconino, Maricopa, Orange, San Diego, and Yavapai.
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Annual Reports - Sunwest Bank Charitable Foundation

SBCF Annual Report - 2012 (PDF)
SBCF Annual Report - 2011 (PDF)
SBCF Annual Report - 2010 (PDF)

For more information contact:

Nicole Bice, Executive Director | Phone: (714) 881-3039